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imperial_ion's Journal

10 January
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To start things off, my name is Joe! I'm a pretty down to earth guy who enjoys life, and loves to make people laugh! I'm going to school for a Bachelor's in Fishery and Wildlife, and I hope to get a job with the DNR. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or just going for a walk on a star filled night. I absolutely LOVE reading comic books! I'm a huge fan of both Marvel, DC, and some independent publishers. I like to watch the Discovery channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic T.V. I love spending time with family and friends, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. There really isn't much more to tell, but I'm sure I think of something later, so I know I'll be adding on to this as time progresses.
12 step rebels, 300, 80's music, ah cama-sotz, and many more., antigen shift, ark of the covenant, army of darkness, batman begins, beta ray bill, bike riding, black bolt, breeding dragons, bringing down secret societies, brother voodoo, brotherhood of the wolf, c.h.u.d., caddyshack., conan the barbarian, converter, crystal castles, cyborg superman, danzig, darkseid, darkthrone, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dc comics, dead kennedy's, dead snow, deep purple, digging graves, dio, dodgeball, dr. fate, dr. light, dr. strange, drinking with zeus, dueling to the death, evil dead, evil dead 2, fido, fighting ninjas, fishing, from hell, front line assembly, galactus, gladiator, going to the bathroom, gorgoroth, graveyard shift, green lantern, gwar, hiking, hocico, humanoids from the deep, incredible hulk, independent comics., infinity gauntlet, iron maiden., iron man, izsoloscope, judas priest, kingdom of heaven, kingpin, koffin kats, labyrinth, legend, leviathan, lord of the rings, lost boys, mad max, mad sin, maintaining my smithery, marduk, marvel comics, mastodon, mayhem, mephisto, ministry, misfits, mongul, muse, namor, neron, nine inch nails, pineapple express, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, platoon, playing video games, power cosmic, protecting the universe, ray palmer, reading comic books, road warrior, rob zombie, robocop, roleplaying, rollerblading, saving private ryan, seth, she wants revenge, silence of the lambs, silver surfer, sin city, sinestro, sisters of mercy, slayer, slaying zombies, step brothers, super inframan, taking care of ligers, thanos, the casualties, the crow, the damned, the dark crystal, the dark knight, the exploited, the flash, the horrors, the howling, the hulk, the meteors, the ninth gate, therion, thor, tiger army, troy, v for vendetta, venom, watchmen, white zombie, will finish later., wolfskin, wrestling sharks, zatanna, zombie, zombie ghost train